Dîner-débat organisé par PWN Paris – « Women and men are on Boards. And now, what’s next? » le 23 Mars 2017

Our three guest speakers will share with you their cases and experiences as board members. They will highlight the value of Boards that gather the right mix of skills and backgrounds to help the entreprises, both in public and private sectors, to face their challenges from today forward. A sound strategy will pass many tests : internationalisation, impact of the digital and subsequent opportunities, risk management compliance , corporate social responsability and sustainable development .

The new boards are opening to new profiles and multiples experiences, working as a team.

Being one of them or willing to be, join us to learn and contribute.

Our Speakers:
Anne Lange, Co-founder of Mentis, Board member at Orange, Econocom, Pernod Ricard, Imprimerie Nationale.
Chantal Lory, Board member at Imprimerie Nationale and SFIL, a French public development bank, Member of the Club of chairs of audit committees at IFA.
Dr Philippe Guinot, MD, PhD, Founder of PhG Bioconsulting, Chairman of the Board of Directors at iTeos Therapeutics SA, Senior advisor to the investment in Life Sciences team of BPI.

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3ème Forum de la Mixité

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